Best laid plans...

Crikey, what a week! Just when we though we couldn’t deal with much more intensity, the week delivered in spades.

Last Wednesday I was meant to hold the 3rd meditation session for this month. I woke up and found that we had a power cut, first thing in the morning. Not particularly worried about this, I established that it had been reported and that some of our neighbours were also affected. It was sorted relatively quickly and having kept the fridge and freezer closed, it had no impact being off for an hour in the morning.

I don’t know about you, but I was struggling to sleep in that heat last week. I mean, I’m Welsh, just in case I hadn’t already mentioned that. Simply not built for those sorts of temperatures! So feeling a bit sluggish I got on with the business of the day, some client correspondence, some sorting and clearing at home and then out for some shopping. I should have realised it wasn’t going to be quite as straightforward when I got a static shock off the car parking ticket machine. Ouch, that was quite a build up.

I pick up a message at lunchtime from a dear and trusted friend who was finding that life was putting her through the burn, and needed to get away. We made a plan and she packed her bags and was on her way to me, a good few hours drive but with the intention she would arrive in time for the meditation session at 7:30.

I felt like I was winning when I found a pedestal fan at the reasonable price and pleased with myself, brought it and all the other bits of shopping home. to a power cut. Again. Hardly surprising, we were all in meltdown, so why would the electricity not feel that impact. A bit of running around trying to get it reported, checking in with neighbours, it looked like we had been switched off to effect a proper repair to the one that hadn’t held that morning.

That fan wasn’t going to be much use then. And the food shopping, oh bugger! I decided it was sensible to postpone the class, too many contingencies required. Luckily it did get sorted later that night, not before I managed a meditation for my frazzled chum and I. And it worked, bringing us both into a much cooler, calmer, quieter state. Helping us remember that we are much more than the frustrated and often distracted people in busy and sometimes challenging lives.

I find regular meditation essential now, helping me navigate the ups and downs, helping me through the turmoil and the challenges, because this is life, it happens to us all. Grounding, which I have spoken about previously, is a bit like the earth connection in electrical terms, it stops the shock closing you down and gives the energy somewhere to flow into to make you safe.

Tomorrow will be the last session for this month, and there are still a few places available. If you too have found that you need to switch off the power, get away from the static and simply be the being you are, come and join us. 7:30pm, just £10, time out, reset. Let me know if this speaks to you, it would be lovely to have you here.

I have put some dates in the diary for Wednesdays starting in September, and intend to do 4-week blocks again with a bit of space in between. First round will be 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th September. Do let me know if you want to book in for any of these.

Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow, but if not, give yourself space and more importantly permission to have your own version of time-out, just for you. All power to you, shine on.