And so it goes...

‘In every heart, there is a home, a sanctuary safe and strong.’

Only those of you that know me best will know how much I am a fan of Billy Joel. Ha, so that’s a line I never anticipated writing in a blog about healing and wellbeing! But it should never have been a surprise really, the power of music to speak to our heart is well documented and indeed experienced. This lyric line above resonates really strongly with me. Those of you who have been for a session more recently, or came to my talk in John Lewis last month, will recognise the power of the journey into being in our own hearts – home indeed to our very essence, our soul.

The call to be in our truth, to be the most authentic version of us, is huge right now – more so than I have ever experienced in my life. I’m a little over 50, so it could easily be interpreted as an age thing – getting on and not putting up with the same stuff or, as I like to refer to it, going up another ‘f*** it’ level in the game of life!

But it is so much more than that. I see it all around me, with people struggling to hold their place in life as it has been. Hold down jobs that expect them not to be the best of themselves. I see it in the news, hidden truth emerging on a daily basis. People in crisis – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Breakdowns, which I much prefer to call breakthroughs. Breakthroughs from a version of ourselves we have constructed, shielding ourselves from harm by barricading ourselves in layers of protection. Hard, over layers. ‘Man up, just get on with it, get over it, suck it up sister, dose up and get back to work, drink up and forget about it, stop being so sensitive, you’ll never be a success doing that!’ Any wonder we hide our hearts away and create a persona that is tough enough to cope with life and all its harshness? Some of us use humour to deflect. Some become tough, hard-arsed, brittle. Some just keep their heads down and never venture back into territory that they were scared away from – be it relationships, work, creativity.

And so it goes … except now, it can’t go like that anymore. It’s time up.

Time up for the projections that people have put on you, sending their own inadequacies your way.

Time up for the thing that you were turned away from, by someone’s criticism.

Time up for rejecting fully engaging in life, in all aspects, even the bits that scare you.

Time up for hiding your truth from the world.

Time up for not listening to and singing your heart song.

It’s time. The world needs you. It needs you to be the best and most authentic version of you.

If you are done with the old, if life just isn’t working for you anymore and you are ready to do a deep dive to find you – the really bloody beautiful you, the magnificent you, the truly talented you – come with me. We’ll take the first step together and then work out the rest from there.