I work with natural and spiritual energy to effect change, holistically – on mind, body and spirit.  

Energy healing has been practised for thousands of years, has taken many forms and used many different tools and techniques. Using Reiki in my practice evolved into another way of working with energy that might conveniently be termed ‘spiritual healing’, which is now complemented by sound healing.

I left feeling like the weight of the world had shifted and someone finally got things about me that I perhaps am not able to vocalise

Healing work is enabling – helping you feel well, comfortable in your skin, clear to move towards shaping and living the life you want.

Clients report a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing – clear in mind, happy in heart, light in spirit.

My work is non-invasive, discreet and compassionate. What it practically involves emerges during any one session, which draws together a unique combination of all my experiences, tailored for your individual needs, each time.

If you'd like to learn more about how I might help you, or to book a session, please get in touch.