And breathe........and then after, sleep.

Last night was the first of 4 meditation classes I am running on consecutive Wednesdays this month. It was a new gathering, a small group with a mix of more experienced and complete beginners at meditation. Each brought their willingness and openness to the session and it was a wonderful, gentle, deeply calming experience.

I’ve recently come back from a 5-day retreat, with a group of mature women, all healers in their own way. It was such an amazing retreat, such a powerful and obvious sense of connection to each other. The energy between us was compassionate, gentle, respectful, loving and supportive. It was a deeply moving experience just to be in the presence of and share in this energy.

The power of meditation in a group is amazing, and last night was proof indeed that you do not need to have any prior experience to really benefit from it. An unusually good night’s sleep was one of the direct benefits noted. Well, we all need some of that don’t we..!

If you have been wondering if you can meditate, if you are in need of feeling more relaxed or calm, or just want your monkey chattering brain to shut up for a bit, but don’t know how….come and join us for a meditation session. What have you got to lose?

Thanks again to last night’s participants for sharing such lovely energy. I hope you have held some sense of that today. And heartfelt thanks from me for giving me such a joyful teaching experience. I am really grateful to you all.

If you are interested in any of the session on 17th, 24th or 31st July at 7:30, get in touch here which will make sure I don’t miss anyone's response.

Peace. x

Still needing peace and stillness?

Still searching for that elusive peace, space, stillness? Take some invaluable time for yourself.

You will have seen that I am starting to offer meditation classes. These will be suitable for all, whatever your knowledge or previous experience, and will feature guided meditations and journeys.

I'm running sessions this month, starting on Wednesday 10th. There are still a few places available. Don't worry if you can't make this week as there are also sessions on 17, 24 and 31 July, 7.30–9pm, just £10 per session. These are stand alone sessions, attend one or all if you are available.

So if you are interested and want to book, please get in touch here which will make sure I don’t miss anyone's response.

If you've not been to see me for a while and feel called to, do please get in touch – either by responding to this using the button below, or through the contact page here.

Do remember that although I offer all sessions from my home in Epsom, I can also offer intuitive guidance or mediumship sessions via Skype.

Beaming loving light your way, as always.

World Wellbeing Week

Today marks the beginning of World Wellbeing Week, 24th - 28th June 2019

A more holistic encapsulation of wellbeing than the recent Mental Health week, the focus is on all aspects of wellbeing. There are many great conversations and initiatives which have appeared in the news recently including Government action and proposals on wellbeing as a direct budget focus in both New Zealand and the UK.

Child poverty, domestic violence and mental health will be the priorities in New Zealand’s “wellbeing budget”, with the nation declaring itself the first in the world to measure success by its people’s wellbeing.

Personal wellbeing rather than economic growth should be the primary aim of government spending, a new report recommended recently in the UK.

It found happiness, fulfilment and the reduction of anxiety, rather than growth or jobs, was the main determinant of whether governments satisfied voters, and called on ministers to implement changes to focus on such metrics.

And there are fantastic efforts by so many charities and community organisations to bring wellbeing to the fore.

As there is welcome attention on whole wellbeing on a global level, it’s a good time for each of us to consider what changes we can make that will impact our own and others wellbeing.

I’ll be reflecting some of my own thoughts and others insights throughout the week. I look forward to sharing with you.

As above so below | As within so without | As the soul so the universe.

Make time for meditation – new classes from my new home

My new home in Epsom has enabled me to expand my work and I am delighted that I am now able to offer meditation classes.

These will be guided meditations and are suitable for all – whatever your knowledge or previous experience. To begin, I'm running sessions over four Wednesday evenings next month – 10, 17, 24 and 31 July, 7.30–9pm, £10 per session. As they will be stand-alone sessions, you do not need to be able to attend all of them, and can join us whenever you are able.

Places will be limited, so if you are interested and want to book, please get in touch here which will make sure I don’t miss anyone's response.

I know from my own experiences that it can be a challenge to start meditating. A group setting and guidance can be a great way to begin. If you have any questions, please get in touch.


Come along to see me work in public

I consider mediumship a form of healing through words, but I am not like a spiritual telephone exchange, guaranteeing a connection with someone you want to speak to or hear from. There can be no guarantee that clairsentience and mediumship will give you what you are looking for.

I practice one-to-one mediumship privately, but I also deliver messages from the platform in Spiritualist churches across London and the South.  If you are interested in seeing me work, you would be more than welcome to come along to any of the following services.  There is no need to book, but most churches ask for a small goodwill donation.

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