And so it goes...

‘In every heart, there is a home, a sanctuary safe and strong.’

Only those of you that know me best will know how much I am a fan of Billy Joel. Ha, so that’s a line I never anticipated writing in a blog about healing and wellbeing! But it should never have been a surprise really, the power of music to speak to our heart is well documented and indeed experienced. This lyric line above resonates really strongly with me. Those of you who have been for a session more recently, or came to my talk in John Lewis last month, will recognise the power of the journey into being in our own hearts – home indeed to our very essence, our soul.

The call to be in our truth, to be the most authentic version of us, is huge right now – more so than I have ever experienced in my life. I’m a little over 50, so it could easily be interpreted as an age thing – getting on and not putting up with the same stuff or, as I like to refer to it, going up another ‘f*** it’ level in the game of life!

But it is so much more than that. I see it all around me, with people struggling to hold their place in life as it has been. Hold down jobs that expect them not to be the best of themselves. I see it in the news, hidden truth emerging on a daily basis. People in crisis – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Breakdowns, which I much prefer to call breakthroughs. Breakthroughs from a version of ourselves we have constructed, shielding ourselves from harm by barricading ourselves in layers of protection. Hard, over layers. ‘Man up, just get on with it, get over it, suck it up sister, dose up and get back to work, drink up and forget about it, stop being so sensitive, you’ll never be a success doing that!’ Any wonder we hide our hearts away and create a persona that is tough enough to cope with life and all its harshness? Some of us use humour to deflect. Some become tough, hard-arsed, brittle. Some just keep their heads down and never venture back into territory that they were scared away from – be it relationships, work, creativity.

And so it goes … except now, it can’t go like that anymore. It’s time up.

Time up for the projections that people have put on you, sending their own inadequacies your way.

Time up for the thing that you were turned away from, by someone’s criticism.

Time up for rejecting fully engaging in life, in all aspects, even the bits that scare you.

Time up for hiding your truth from the world.

Time up for not listening to and singing your heart song.

It’s time. The world needs you. It needs you to be the best and most authentic version of you.

If you are done with the old, if life just isn’t working for you anymore and you are ready to do a deep dive to find you – the really bloody beautiful you, the magnificent you, the truly talented you – come with me. We’ll take the first step together and then work out the rest from there.

Who am I?

Back before the turn of the new millennium, I was working at the Science Museum. Yes, that one. The big one in London, that you might have visited as a child.

Having joined in 1996, most of us there at that time were working hard on delivering the Museum’s millennium project, the Wellcome Wing. One of the galleries that my colleague and friend was leading on was called Who Am I? A terrific gallery that focused on the astonishing human body and genetics, possibly still there, though I feel it will have been updated or replaced by now.

I thought even then that it posed a good question.

Spin forward a decade or more and I found myself working for an Equality and Diversity practitioner, going around public institutions and teaching their teams how to be more open and inclusive. One of the questions we posed then was ‘who am I?’.

Not surprisingly we heard people’s names, their relationship to others, even their job titles. But none of those things actually define who we are, just who we are in relation to others, or indeed what we do.

So it remains a good question.

When becoming the people we are today, we face a huge number of influences. Family, friends, peers, school, geographic, social and economic differences and media to name a few key ones.

Then as we get older, colleagues, partners, bosses, and a wider social group. Each one of these has the potential to have huge impact on who you become.

Ever heard yourself or someone you know say they are ‘no good at maths’, ‘can’t sing’, ‘can’t draw’, ‘rubbish at writing’? Or even that that ‘nothing good ever happens to me’?

Delve just a little below the surface, and you will very often find that this was a message they picked up from someone else, one of the influencers, as they grew up and developed a sense of self.

Words are powerful, but so is behaviour, in teaching us something that someone else believes about us. I battled on in a less than healthy marriage and in jobs that were an unpleasant or even toxic environment to be in, because in my head I said to myself ‘I am not a quitter’. That was until it dawned on me, that the voice I heard was an early influencer telling me I never stuck at anything. I was trying to prove to myself, and I guess to them that I was not ‘a quitter’.

Does any of this resonate with you? Want to challenge these thoughts about yourself? Are you ready for change?

I am delighted to have been asked by John Lewis to do a talk at their Kingston store this month. If you are curious, challenged or simply interested to know more, you can find out details here.

Do come and join me at this free lunchtime talk and decide to begin the journey back to self. I cannot tell you how joyful and liberating it can be. I look forward to sharing some practical tips and some insights with you.

Be your own best friend!

‘Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better, it’s about befriending who we are. ‘Pema Chodron

Life is tough, we all go through challenging times and when we are in the midst of these, what I call ‘the eye of the storm’, it can be almost impossible to see a way out.

That’s often where we go wrong. The way out is never outside of us, it is always within. Huh? It feels like life is falling apart around us, there is drama and chaos. With every step forward you might be able to make, there’s always a corresponding step back. At least one. Bloody laws of physics! I seriously failed my physics O level exams. I should have realised even back then.

But over time I have come to have a better appreciation for Newton. If we work out how to adjust something within us, then correspondingly something outside of us will also change. And so to work. If life does feel uninspiring, fraught or like you are caught up in chaos and drama, fighting to keep you head above water, throw yourself a lifeline.

Start by acknowledging that you are in need of some self help, or want things to feel better. And more importantly, that you can effect change. You are more powerful than you imagine.

Take time for you. Make it a promise to yourself. That you will do one thing that will help you feel better about what is going on. That you deserve to feel better, calmer, more peaceful, contented than you do now.

As Pema Chodron says meditation is about befriending ourselves. Come and join in our small group meditations on Wednesdays at 7:30. Sessions on 18th and 25th of this month. Spaces are limited so please do book ahead, but pay on the day. No previous meditation experience required, just turn up and make friends with yourself!

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Look to the leaders of love

I was just a few months old when, in April 1968, Martin Luther King Jnr was killed.

Growing up in a relatively small town in South Wales, a significantly white, working class environment, I had no exposure to him or his work until my teens. I remember going home from school and, I suppose in thrall to his ethos and work, was talking about it while laying the table for tea (that’s what we called dinner or supper). My mum, clearly having a tricky day, just couldn’t take it all in while fixing food for our family of five, and told me to stop. I remember it very vividly.

I guess I shut it out of my consciousness then but, every now and again, I find myself drawn back. Now is such a time.

One of his more famous quotes has been reverberating around my consciousness in recent months which, in the past day or so, has reached such a crescendo that I feel the need to write about it.

‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.’

Each of us will have our own interpretation about exactly what he meant, but for me it is a clear instruction. If you want to overcome the energy of hate, anger or fear – I think of these as shadow energies/darkness – then the only way to do that is to work with love. For me, this is light.

There is a lot of fear, anger and confusion surging around at the moment. It is within each of us and therefore perpetuating around us. If we are to tackle the presence of hatred and fear, then we must first look to ourselves. It has to begin with us. And we must operate all the more with love.

Firstly, we must treat ourselves with loving care and respect.

If you are unable to do so, look to the reasons why and work out a plan or a route to overcome that. Keep searching for the right way for you and don’t stop until you find that you can. With your intention, with determination, you will do it. I don’t write this as if I have totally mastered it myself, but as someone who has been on a long journey towards self-acceptance – we are all work in progress.

As we work on raising our own light levels, we automatically have an impact on what is around us. Esoteric philosopher Hermes Trismegistus said, ‘As above, so below; as within, so without’. What we impact within us, we impact outside of and around us.

In the past I have felt myself powerless at the bottom of a hole surrounded by numerous challenges. I know now that as soon as I started seeking a way out and feeling a bit lighter in myself, then those other troubles quickly began to drop away. Perhaps you have experienced something like this too?

And so to another great teacher of love and of the power of love for change, Mahatma Gandhi. In almost the same vein as King, he said, ‘hatred can be overcome only by love.

If you are feeling angry or fearful right now, I can see and understand that – we are in interesting and challenging times.

My invitation to you is to join me in considering the wisdom of these and more contemporary teachers, such as Marianne Williamson.

Where you can, speak with care and with love. Where you can, behave with care and with love. If you feel the need to act, then do so, but not in fear, anger and hatred of those who aren’t working for the greater good but with enough love to overcome the shadow that they are casting.

Be the leader of your own crusade for love. Impact with love on those immediately around you, and those beyond who you can also reach. But always begin with you. You are key. Each one of us is.

Be love. Shine your light.

You are magnificent.

Best laid plans...

Crikey, what a week! Just when we though we couldn’t deal with much more intensity, the week delivered in spades.

Last Wednesday I was meant to hold the 3rd meditation session for this month. I woke up and found that we had a power cut, first thing in the morning. Not particularly worried about this, I established that it had been reported and that some of our neighbours were also affected. It was sorted relatively quickly and having kept the fridge and freezer closed, it had no impact being off for an hour in the morning.

I don’t know about you, but I was struggling to sleep in that heat last week. I mean, I’m Welsh, just in case I hadn’t already mentioned that. Simply not built for those sorts of temperatures! So feeling a bit sluggish I got on with the business of the day, some client correspondence, some sorting and clearing at home and then out for some shopping. I should have realised it wasn’t going to be quite as straightforward when I got a static shock off the car parking ticket machine. Ouch, that was quite a build up.

I pick up a message at lunchtime from a dear and trusted friend who was finding that life was putting her through the burn, and needed to get away. We made a plan and she packed her bags and was on her way to me, a good few hours drive but with the intention she would arrive in time for the meditation session at 7:30.

I felt like I was winning when I found a pedestal fan at the reasonable price and pleased with myself, brought it and all the other bits of shopping home. to a power cut. Again. Hardly surprising, we were all in meltdown, so why would the electricity not feel that impact. A bit of running around trying to get it reported, checking in with neighbours, it looked like we had been switched off to effect a proper repair to the one that hadn’t held that morning.

That fan wasn’t going to be much use then. And the food shopping, oh bugger! I decided it was sensible to postpone the class, too many contingencies required. Luckily it did get sorted later that night, not before I managed a meditation for my frazzled chum and I. And it worked, bringing us both into a much cooler, calmer, quieter state. Helping us remember that we are much more than the frustrated and often distracted people in busy and sometimes challenging lives.

I find regular meditation essential now, helping me navigate the ups and downs, helping me through the turmoil and the challenges, because this is life, it happens to us all. Grounding, which I have spoken about previously, is a bit like the earth connection in electrical terms, it stops the shock closing you down and gives the energy somewhere to flow into to make you safe.

Tomorrow will be the last session for this month, and there are still a few places available. If you too have found that you need to switch off the power, get away from the static and simply be the being you are, come and join us. 7:30pm, just £10, time out, reset. Let me know if this speaks to you, it would be lovely to have you here.

I have put some dates in the diary for Wednesdays starting in September, and intend to do 4-week blocks again with a bit of space in between. First round will be 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th September. Do let me know if you want to book in for any of these.

Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow, but if not, give yourself space and more importantly permission to have your own version of time-out, just for you. All power to you, shine on.

Don't just hope for the best...stay connected.

I meant to write this last week, after the second of my meditation classes. In basking in the reflective glory of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, I guided a meditation where we simply allowed ourselves to float out into the cosmos. We could see ourselves as part of the cosmos, amongst the planets and stars. It’s an astonishing thing to be able to let go of your physical presence so much and allow yourself to be part of it all.

We have just cleared a very intense energy period, where the full moon and partial eclipse closed a 2-week window where we may well have found that sleep was very light and/or disturbed. The intensity of that energy was released, simply by allowing the call of the planets to draw us out to them.

Before any meditation or indeed any spiritual practice, I ALWAYS begin with a grounding exercise. Here we imagine we have roots, in the same way as an ancient oak tree has, deep and wide in the earth, keeping us anchored through the storms of life. Many of you will recognise the sense and language of it, I use it with clients regularly to help them become more present.

After enjoying the sense of connection to all that is, out in the light-filled cosmos, I guided us back in, reconnecting us to our roots, that ensured we could come back and be fully present. What a journey, it was beautiful.

Last week I also attended a regular group where we work channeling sound and sending it out as healing energy. It’s essential practice to ground properly before leaving to travel home and this time I failed to do so. What followed was a very real bringing me down to earth moment of falling on top of someone as the tube moved off. I was not only embarrassed, as he had kindly just given me his seat, but sore having jarred my joints and feeling bruised for the rest of the week.

Today, I see 2 dear friends with feet up, in plaster or badly bruised. My sense is the intensity of energy of the last few weeks has us all feeling a bit ungrounded, myself included! I think this week’s meditation might have us anchoring on earth, maybe in a wood! If you have been struggling with the energy, if you are finding it difficult to sleep, or even to be present (feeling distracted or not really with it), come and join us for a meditation that will calm anxieties and thoughts, and then bring you back to a feeling of greater stillness, peace and connection. Don’t just hope it’ll all feel better, come and make it so.

Meditation classes this month. Wednesday July 24th and 31st, 7:30pm - £10, payable in person on the day.

I am going to record a grounding exercise that is simple to follow, needs no previous experience to use. I’ll let you know when it’s available to buy as an MP3 file. Used every day it can quickly make a real difference to how you feel and how you feel more able to deal with life. Get your roots into earth and make like an oak tree!

And breathe........and then after, sleep.

Last night was the first of 4 meditation classes I am running on consecutive Wednesdays this month. It was a new gathering, a small group with a mix of more experienced and complete beginners at meditation. Each brought their willingness and openness to the session and it was a wonderful, gentle, deeply calming experience.

I’ve recently come back from a 5-day retreat, with a group of mature women, all healers in their own way. It was such an amazing retreat, such a powerful and obvious sense of connection to each other. The energy between us was compassionate, gentle, respectful, loving and supportive. It was a deeply moving experience just to be in the presence of and share in this energy.

The power of meditation in a group is amazing, and last night was proof indeed that you do not need to have any prior experience to really benefit from it. An unusually good night’s sleep was one of the direct benefits noted. Well, we all need some of that don’t we..!

If you have been wondering if you can meditate, if you are in need of feeling more relaxed or calm, or just want your monkey chattering brain to shut up for a bit, but don’t know how….come and join us for a meditation session. What have you got to lose?

Thanks again to last night’s participants for sharing such lovely energy. I hope you have held some sense of that today. And heartfelt thanks from me for giving me such a joyful teaching experience. I am really grateful to you all.

If you are interested in any of the session on 17th, 24th or 31st July at 7:30, get in touch here which will make sure I don’t miss anyone's response.

Peace. x

Still needing peace and stillness?

Still searching for that elusive peace, space, stillness? Take some invaluable time for yourself.

You will have seen that I am starting to offer meditation classes. These will be suitable for all, whatever your knowledge or previous experience, and will feature guided meditations and journeys.

I'm running sessions this month, starting on Wednesday 10th. There are still a few places available. Don't worry if you can't make this week as there are also sessions on 17, 24 and 31 July, 7.30–9pm, just £10 per session. These are stand alone sessions, attend one or all if you are available.

So if you are interested and want to book, please get in touch here which will make sure I don’t miss anyone's response.

If you've not been to see me for a while and feel called to, do please get in touch – either by responding to this using the button below, or through the contact page here.

Do remember that although I offer all sessions from my home in Epsom, I can also offer intuitive guidance or mediumship sessions via Skype.

Beaming loving light your way, as always.

World Wellbeing Week

Today marks the beginning of World Wellbeing Week, 24th - 28th June 2019

A more holistic encapsulation of wellbeing than the recent Mental Health week, the focus is on all aspects of wellbeing. There are many great conversations and initiatives which have appeared in the news recently including Government action and proposals on wellbeing as a direct budget focus in both New Zealand and the UK.

Child poverty, domestic violence and mental health will be the priorities in New Zealand’s “wellbeing budget”, with the nation declaring itself the first in the world to measure success by its people’s wellbeing.

Personal wellbeing rather than economic growth should be the primary aim of government spending, a new report recommended recently in the UK.

It found happiness, fulfilment and the reduction of anxiety, rather than growth or jobs, was the main determinant of whether governments satisfied voters, and called on ministers to implement changes to focus on such metrics.

And there are fantastic efforts by so many charities and community organisations to bring wellbeing to the fore.

As there is welcome attention on whole wellbeing on a global level, it’s a good time for each of us to consider what changes we can make that will impact our own and others wellbeing.

I’ll be reflecting some of my own thoughts and others insights throughout the week. I look forward to sharing with you.

As above so below | As within so without | As the soul so the universe.

Make time for meditation – new classes from my new home

My new home in Epsom has enabled me to expand my work and I am delighted that I am now able to offer meditation classes.

These will be guided meditations and are suitable for all – whatever your knowledge or previous experience. To begin, I'm running sessions over four Wednesday evenings next month – 10, 17, 24 and 31 July, 7.30–9pm, £10 per session. As they will be stand-alone sessions, you do not need to be able to attend all of them, and can join us whenever you are able.

Places will be limited, so if you are interested and want to book, please get in touch here which will make sure I don’t miss anyone's response.

I know from my own experiences that it can be a challenge to start meditating. A group setting and guidance can be a great way to begin. If you have any questions, please get in touch.


Come along to see me work in public

I consider mediumship a form of healing through words, but I am not like a spiritual telephone exchange, guaranteeing a connection with someone you want to speak to or hear from. There can be no guarantee that clairsentience and mediumship will give you what you are looking for.

I practice one-to-one mediumship privately, but I also deliver messages from the platform in Spiritualist churches across London and the South.  If you are interested in seeing me work, you would be more than welcome to come along to any of the following services.  There is no need to book, but most churches ask for a small goodwill donation.

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