Mediumship has been offered for thousands of years and countless people feel they have benefited from it during that time.

It has been a widespread practice offering comfort, resolution and guidance to individuals and communities across the globe. 

My mediumship is born of a natural clairsentience ­– my ability to feel or ‘sense’ more of the physical and emotional states of others than can be understood through the five senses.

Drawing on this innate capability, I have learned to connect with and provide a channel for messages from those who have passed to Spirit. During sittings, I always intend to provide sufficient evidence of a communicator's origin and relationship to a client – my ‘sitter’ – to enable us to feel confident any words are for them. Consent and trust are crucial.


I have enjoyed working with Helen on my issues, bringing about peace and release; forgiveness and love


I consider mediumship a form of healing through words, as clients are confident, calmed and enabled after sittings, with a greater sense of peace and purpose within themselves.

But I am not like a spiritual telephone exchange, guaranteeing a connection with someone you want to speak to or hear from. And while my services are given sincerely, your own free will and choice are honoured in all my work and there can be no guarantee that clairsentience and mediumship will give you all that you are looking for. 

Although my one-to-one mediumship practice is private, I also deliver messages from the platform in Spiritualist churches across London and the South. You can see where I am working here.

If you're interested in finding out more, or to organise a sitting in person or via Skype, please get in touch.